Money-Making Ideas for Barbers and Barbershops


Create an environment in your barbershop that caters to your customer base. Consider a sports-related theme, business theme or family theme. The theme you select should enhance your business image and draw in additional customers. If you have a sports-related theme, sell tickets to local sporting events and offer game day discounts to your clients. For a business theme, offer quick lunchtime service and televisions tuned to a business channel.


Sell the products you use to your clients and consider creating private label products. You can work with manufacturers of products you like to put their products in packaging that features your brand or barbershop name. These products will enhance your barbershop's image. When you pair high-quality products and private label prestige, you can increase revenue and your barbershop's profile.

My favorite products are the ones that need to be replaced from time to time. I get my wholesale from Curl Sponge because I find my clients coming back on a monthly basis to get a brand new sponge or a new bottle of spray gel. Tripling my investment every time while also receiving residual payments? I don’t know what I was doing without it. I was really missing out on a huge part of the business...
— Self Made Barber

Additional Services

Offer additional services to your clients. Consider spa-like services such as massages, manicures and pedicures. While many barbershop clients would not seek out these services in traditional venues, they will appreciate the opportunity to obtain these services in a more masculine environment. Consider offering father and son services that will help your clients win favor at home and can provide them with a great parent and child activity.